Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo

Elmo was picked up by a passer-by after his owner threw him out the window of their car. After Elmo arrived at our clinic, we took x-rays which showed us he was severely constipated. Elmo suffers from a perineal hernia which causes his stool to back up and causes a condition called megacolon. Elmo's colon is 3-4 times the size it should be, and poor Elmo is only able to pass very small bowel movements at a time.

Although this must be extremely painful for Elmo, he is still the happiest dog around. Elmo would play fetch for hours and hours if he could. If he thinks you've forgotten about him he'll throw his toy onto your lap or up into your hands. When he's not playing fetch he can be found lounging around on his back with his stubby little legs in the air. Elmo lost an eye in a previous accident that we don't know the details of, but he doesn't let it bother him one bit. Unfortunately, despite his happiness and zest for life, Elmo is in a lot of pain.

We have tried to treat Elmo with medication and manual evacuation, but nothing has helped. On his walks Elmo will strain for 10-20 minutes, barking and crying. It breaks our heart to see him in pain. We have recently brought Elmo to see a surgical specialist. The specialist has said that Elmo could do very well with surgical intervention, as long as his colon isn't damaged from the megacolon. Unfortunately it is an extensive surgery and will be very costly. Our only other option would be to end Elmo's suffering and put him to sleep, which would break our hearts. We are hoping to raise enough funds to let Elmo continue to love life for many, many more years. Any excess funds will go to other homeless pets in need.

Here is Elmo's x-ray. His colon is outlined in red.
Here is a normal dog colon.(LI)
This is Elmo's report from the specialist, outlining the surgery he needs.
A note from Elmo for reddit (where I first posted his story)

Elmo needs 2 surgeries, several weeks apart. The estimate for both surgeries is $6700. We have received a grant from CorgiAid for up to $3000, so our fundraising goal is $3700! Thank you CorgiAid!!

We have reached our goal! Thank you so much to Paige at CorgiPals for spreading the word about Elmo and to all the CorgiPals for helping us to reach our goal in only a few days! We are hoping that Elmo's expenses stay within the estimate, but there is always a chance of complications. We will still accept donations and excess funds will go to other homeless pets in need.